e.l.f. Mint Melt Eye Shadow Sticks

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad/prioradrelationship] I’m on a roll with e.l.f. at the moment – but not on a roll with my camera. Second attempt to take non-blurry pictures – some days are just like this, especially low light days and today we are shrouded in fog which is great for the frogs in my neighbour’s pond who have been under fire from a hungry heron that’s sitting on our roof as its viewing point. So, swings and roundabouts. Anyway, I’m a fan of an eye stick, having more or less given up on complicated eye looks – one swipe of a stick over the lid, a little mascara and kohl and that will do for me. I’ve got the new Mint Melt ones here but as a head’s up, the others are reduced from £5 each to £3.95. If you’ve ever wanted to try one, now’s the time! They’re HERE.

e.l.f. Eye Shadow Sticks

The newest shades are Ice Creme (pale gold), Melt With Me (mid-brown) and a shade I don’t have (nor would I wear), Mint For You.

e.l.f. Eye Shadow Sticks

At the same time, there are new glosses and I do love a gloss. Actually, the Mint collection is quite extensive so I’ve edited it down to a select few items. There’s a clear gloss (with a light green tinge in the bottle) and a very shimmery shade shifting sparkly one, too. The clear is A Hint of Mint, and the shimmery one is Mint Sprinkle. They’re £4 each and both have a little sweet mint kicker to the flavour. I didn’t think I’d like Mint Sprinkle because it’s such a constellation of shimmer but I quite do. I don’t know that I’d wear it out though…

e.l.f. Eye Shadow Sticks

In the swatch, from bottom to top, it’s Melt With Me, Ice Creme, A Hint of Mint and Mint Sprinkle. Everything is HERE. Non-affiliate is HERE. The eye shadow sticks have excellent last (on me at least) and just feel like the easiest thing in the world to pop on to look a bit more ‘done’ and make the progression from no make up to at least a little if you feel like it. Having had a bit of a love/hate tussle with Instagram recently, I’ve realised that it’s the one thing that is persuading me back to colour other than my red lipstick which I apply every morning before I walk Honey – I’m happy(ish) to go bare faced but the thing that gets the most response is the transformation from bare faced to made-up even if it’s just a small amount. So, I have it to thank for that at least. Oh, if you want to see Ice Creme on, it’s HERE on my CC Camo post (which is sponsored content). A quick screen grab below.


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