Wearing makeup again and absolutely loving the Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush

Goodness, when was the last time I reviewed a makeup product?! (I checked. It was February 2020 – a year ago!) It’s hard to review something when you don’t use it, and makeup has been something I’ve forsaken for the better part of a year.

But recently, I decided to put on a little when I go out, just to keep my hand in, and my eye fell on a tub of Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush I bought 2 years back and never used. Thanks, lockdown LOL!

shiseido minimalist whipped powder blush sonoya

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you too are starting to get back on the makeup bicycle, and are looking around for an easy to use, pretty blush, I’d highly recommend this one from Shiseido – totally blew me away! 😀

Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush

What this product is, is a mousse-type blush, with a slight marshmallow-y texture. It comes in a little glass pot that is very portable, and very sleek.

This was one of the first products launched when Shiseido revamped their makeup line a year or two back. That was when I got myself a tub of their blush. Of course, I had to get a blush – I’m a sucker for blush LOL! 😛

The texture is that of a dry mousse to powder texture. It really does feel like you’re touching a marshmallow. You may notice a crack in my blush. It’s because it’s been left aside for a little while. However, what surprised me more is the fact that it hasn’t dried out.

If anything, it feels just as lovely and plush as the day I bought it!

shiseido minimalist whipped powder blush sonoya

Easiest way to apply the Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush

I’ve tried applying the blush a few ways, but I’ve found that the easiest way to apply the Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush is to use a brush.

This is the same way I used to apply a liquid or cream blush, when I was using it.

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I actually shared that tip back in 2013! It’s 2021 today, and I still use the same trick, which goes to show that if it works, it works! 😀

I like using a smaller blush brush (natural hair or synthetic hair is fine) with a fluffy but dense head. Then, I dab it lightly on the surface of the blush, and quickly dab and blend on cheeks. Repeat as necessary.

Gosh, it’s pigmented!

The first thing I noticed when I first applied the blush was, Gosh! That’s pigmented! Because, it is!

I find that using a brush helps diffuse the colour more evenly and makes it easier to control. If you use fingers, which you can, it can deposit colour a little more patchily.

shiseido minimalist whipped powder blush sonoya

Here’s what the Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush in Sonoya 01 looks like on me. It is described as a warm pink, which is quite accurate. In pot, and if you swatch, you will notice some sparkles. It is however, very very subtle and on cheeks, not glittery at all.

In fact, I don’t notice the shine on cheeks. Perhaps what it does do is add that little 3-dimensional look to the skin so it doesn’t look too flat. Very pretty.

I only used the slightest of dabs to get the colour to show, which is pretty impressive. This especially, as I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup recently, so seeing colour on my skin is rather surprising LOL! 😛

The texture dries down to that of a powder, so I don’t experience any greasiness on my skin that can sometimes come with cream blush products. It is very transparent, and blends beautifully into the skin, so it looks more natural.

I cannot quite vouch for longevity, as I don’t put on makeup for long hours anymore. I do have drier skin, so I don’t know how it’ll fare on more oily skin types. But I reckon it’ll be fine.

shiseido minimalist whipped powder blush sonoya

All in all, if you didn’t already guess, I love using this blush, and I do recommend it, if you want something a little different. Something light. Something easy to use. This one’s it.


The Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush is a lovely mousse-textured blush that is very easy to apply on skin. I find that using a brush makes it easier to control, especially as it is quite pigmented. A brush will help diffuse the colour. It has a lovely transparent finish that looks very natural. I love it!

Easy to apply
Pigmented colour
Transparent finish looks very natural
Does not dry out very quickly in pot

Quite easy to overdo due to the pigmented nature

WHO WILL LIKE THIS: Anyone who wants an easy to use blush that looks natural

PRICE: RM120 | US$29 | £32

WHERE TO BUY: Shiseido counters, Sephora, Cult Beauty, Feelunique

Have you tried this Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush?

I usually prefer powder blushes, but this one doesn’t feel heavy, and hasn’t dried out very much, much to my surprise, so I’m really loving it!

Paris B