Saturday Surfing, Feb. 6, 2021

hello saturday pink heart and roses
We made it!

Happy Caturday, guys! Rosie would like to officially welcome you to the weekend.

rosie in a blanket
Wearing Connor’s baby blanket, BTW.

I’m about to relax with a book (still reading Bulletproof) and sip this cup of tea… Well, technically it’s a glass of tea. I’ve been drinking my daily Earl Grey in these big glasses from Crate & Barrel since I got them last month, and, call me crazy, but I swear the tea tastes better in a glass.

tea in a cup
Exhibit A

As far as my plans go for this weekend, sometime today or tomorrow I plan to take a walk up to the waterfall, and then there’s the Super Bowl tomorrow, which isn’t particularly my thing, but I am looking forward to making a pot of chili, or some burgers, and baking some chocolate-chip cookies to devour during the game.

We’ll see what happens! 🏈🍔🍪

fairway waterfall hike january 2021
So peaceful!

You’re welcome.

If you know, then you know.

Your kiss is on my list.

I love this style of makeup.

Seriously so good.

The world needs more sousaphones.

Yes please.

You know I love a pink lip.

Ooh, want!

The 411 on niacinamide.

Hope you have a restful weekend. Have fun. Go Chiefs!!!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,