Christmas Winter Themed Stamping Plates From Amazon | Review & Nail ArtTutorial

Since it is winter time and we all love to make some cute looking winter manis and adorable Christmas inspired nails, I thought of creating some. So to rev up my creative juices and for the newfound love of stamping. I got a bunch of Christmas and Winter themed stamping plates off amazon. 

There are 5 plates in the pack. Each has a theme of Christmas elements and winter elements. They are round in shape and has nice etchings. The build is also good. 

The cost was in total 600 plus shipping for 5 plates. 

It took about 1 month in total for them to arrive since they were coming from an international location. 

I really enjoyed making nail art designs using them. 

Watch the video of how I used them and the nail art tutorial for Winter snowflake nail art!

Here are the links to the products that are shown here in the video! 

5. Nugel Nail polishes:


 Hope you liked the review and will share your thoughts with me in the comments! 

Lots of Love!!!